SBP Success Stories


  • “I was at a very low point in my life. The program saved me from going into a deep depression….it saved my life”.
  • “I thought my life had ended, that I would be nothing more than an empty shell forever. The Stress – Busting program gave me a safety net when I most needed it, and gave me the impetus to live richly.”
  • “It has helped me learn to relax and to enjoy my husband as he is instead of thinking about how he used to be. It has helped me to take things less seriously and to laugh more and count my blessings.”
  • “It changed my perspective of the entire situation. I realize that I am an important individual and worthy of being cared for. Caring for myself is a must!”
  • “Hearing how others deal with stress has really helped and encouraged me. It has helped me learn to relax and to enjoy my husband as he is instead of thinking about how he used to be. Helped me to take things less seriously and to laugh more and count my blessings.”
  • “The amazing benefit you have given me to cope with my dad’s Alzheimer’s disease though your program is the first of about 100 benefits from your program…Thank you very much. You have been like God in disguise, come down from heaven to help me personally.”
  • “This program helped my depression. Since your program I have enrolled [in college]. My life has improved and I feel I have the tools to cope with my husband’s illness.”
  • “I felt relieved and calmer because I was finally able to learn coping techniques with the help of the DVD/CD.”
  • “Little by little all parts have been helpful. Glad I have the manual to review challenges, techniques or information I can put to use.”
  • “I feel confident and find that there can be something to be happy about every day. I feel empowered. I can make it a good day.”
  • “People tell me I look great and less stressed than previously.”
  • “I learned to stop and think about the situation and just breathing helped me know that this too shall pass.”
  • “I have much more control over my emotions. I can now talk about things that I could not discuss before without crying.”
  • “I still try to anticipate my mother’s response to things and try to avoid any confrontations. Not always successful, but I don’t punish myself if that happens.”
  • “I didn’t realize I was not smiling as I used to. Friends at the center pointed out how I was more confident and had a smile on my face and I was my old self since the program.”
  • “I do not respond to anger with anger. I learned to completely change a negative situation into a positive and follow with a smile. It works.”
  • “I’m very much empowered by the program.”
  • “My stress situation is at a max. My husband makes every day a difficult one. None the less, I often made reference to our material in the book to help myself as much as I can.”
  • “This program is outstanding! I just could not thank you enough. You cannot believe how it has helped all of us. I will be blessed with this program until this journey is finished. God bless all of you for what you do.”
  • “This program has brought me back to center. My emotional core is stronger. Tilling out this form in a way is therapeutic. Maybe I should journal more.”
  • “I recognize more self-care strategies and feel more in control.”
  • “This is a wonderful program. The staff teaching the program are very special. I feel that this program saved me and my family from depression and major illness as caregivers. I feel that this is a blessing from God and I am truly thankful to be a part of this program and being able to share with others.”
  • “The program offered a terrific insight into this disease. The information discussed by each of us enabled us to “open up” and to release so many feelings which I, being alone, seldom did.”
  • “Yes, I recognize “me” time is as, or more, important to my “sanity” so I can willing and lovingly care for my husband and his needs. Watching diet better and adding more exercise.”

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