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The multi-component Stress-Busting Program improves the lives of family caregivers through:


The Stress-Busting Program provides caregivers information about stress (particularly stress associated with caregiving), how to deal with stress through relaxation techniques and problem solving, and how to care for themselves while caring for a person with chronic disease or illness.

The program consists of 90-minute sessions that occur once per week for 9 weeks. The program is conducted in a small group setting with two trained group facilitators. Participants are provided with many resources including a handbook covering class material, a meditation CD, and a relaxation strategies DVD.

Caregivers who have participated in this program have reported significantly lowered stress, depression, and anxiety as well as improved quality of life. They have also reported improvement in their ability to relax and manage stress and an increase in their self-esteem.

I was so overwhelmed and unable to cope that I truly felt I was swimming against a strong current with no hope of reaching my destination. With the Stress-Busting Program I felt I had been tossed a life preserver and could see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. The current where I swim still gets rough sometimes, but I now have the tools to handle it and join the flow instead of fight it.” – Caregiver from Corpus Christi, Texas

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